How to Do On-Page SEO Like a Pro

How to do On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is critical for reaching the 1st page of Google for your most important keywords. In this video watch, Nathon Gotch, founder of Gotch SEO, as he shows you how to do On-Page SEO like a pro for a real business, including local, SAAS, and even e-commerce.

Become an On-Page SEO Genius (This Works in 2022)

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO commonly referred to as “on-site SEO,” is different from off-page SEO, which is optimizing for external factors like backlinks that come from outside your website.

It’s the process of making the web pages of your site more user- and search engine-friendly.

The on-page SEO process includes the proper use of title tags (H1 & H2), your copy or content, internal links to other pages on your website, and site URLs.

Those are all typical on-page SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO Tools

You can use tools to help you with on-page SEO using the SEMRush SEO software which Nathan demonstrates in this video.

SEMrush offers more than 55+ tools and reports helping businesses worldwide to get measurable results from online marketing. Try Semrush for Free.

Watch the entire video because you’ll see how to do on-page SEO like a pro.


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